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The Great Communicator

This animation tells the story of a man who was very talented at coming up with propaganda slogans for the Communist Party of Czechoslovakia. 

I made this animation as a part of ‘ToldUntold’, a production by the journalist collective of the Iron Curtain Project.  It brought together priorly untold stories of Czech citizens who had lived under the former communist regime. Several of these stories were brought to life by animators. The story that I have animated is about a man who knew how to come up with witty propaganda slogans that were very much liked by the Communist Party, while he took them with a grain of salt himself.

Journalist Brit Jensen did the research and collected the stories. Provided with all the input, I was able to smoothly dive into the subject matter and brainstorm about the way I wanted to visualize this story. After creating a storyboard, I designed the characters by combining line drawings with photographic material that I found online. The sound design studio Stainless Sound has provided the audio to my film.

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