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Ed Surfs the Internet

For the stop-motion animation workshop at the Cinekid Festival, I have designed Ed, a curious little monkey exploring the online world.


Cinekid is the world’s biggest media festival for children and takes place in Amsterdam every year. One of the recurring activities at the festival is the Animation Workshop, at which children can learn to make stop-motion films with some paper, a digital camera and a green screen.

After the success of Sjef the Super Chef, Cinekid commissioned me to design a new concept for the Animation Workship in 2018. The festival’s overarching theme of that year was ‘Media Jungle’, which inspired me to create the character Ed, a playful monkey who literally surfs the internet. I also designed several other handmade characters, elements and different background settings that the children could use while creating their animated adventures.

Did you know that the sign ‘@’ is called apestaartje in Dutch? It means ‘monkey’s tail’ and that simple fact gave me the idea for Ed.

Photo credits: Max Kneefel

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