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Sjef the Super Chef

For the stop-motion animation workshop at the Cinekid Festival, I have designed this clumsy but hilarious chef named Sjef.



Cinekid is the world’s biggest media festival for children and takes place in Amsterdam every year. One of the recurring activities at the festival is the Animation Workshop, at which children can learn to make stop-motion films with some paper, a digital camera and a green screen.

I have created Sjef the Super Chef to inspire the children participating in the workshop. I included several other handmade characters and different background settings that the children could use in their animated stories. 
Sjef the Super Chef has been used at Cinekid from 2013 until 2018. He has also toured theatres, cinemas and libraries all over the Netherlands. In 2017, Sjef even went on a trip to Shanghai. 

Below you can watch two animations that the children have made together with me. Stainless Sound has provided the sound effects and music.

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