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My Five Fingers

An animation that I have made for the Dutch version of children’s tv-show Sesame Street. It tells how the five fingers of a hand daringly fantasize about their individual futures.

Sesame Street commissioned me to make a short animation based on a poem composed by the writers Erik van Os en Elle van Lieshout. The poem tells how each of the five fingers imagines its future to be, fantasizing about jobs, love and friendship.

I have made a cut-out animation in which each scene smoothly flows into the next. Except for the digitally drawn faces on the fingers, I have made everything in this animation by hand using paper cutting techniques.

This animation has been shown at MONSTRA | Lisbon Animation Festival, KLIK Amsterdam Animation Festival (now Kaboom Animation Festival)Hsin-Yi Children’s Animation Awards, VAFI International Children and Youth Animation Film Festival, KINOdiseea International Children Film Festival, Animasivo and Animocje

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